Common Sense Sustainability


Architecture is an exuberant convergence of energy and materials that will maximize your opportunity.  Applying sustainable strategies requires rigor and early planning. If integrated holistically from the beginning, we can minimize the cost of green design elements and deeply cut long-term operations and maintenance costs. We believe that optimizing resources and making sensitive contextual decisions begins at the building’s inception.  Throughout design and construction, we explore the range of options available to meet the project’s green goals within the established budget and time frame. To achieve this, we work with our clients and all team members to understand the economic and environmental impacts of the many available choices. We firmly believe that efficiency and frugality can lead to sustainable, innovative, and beautiful architecture.

Living Building Challenge

Affordable Infill Housing

Philadelphia, PA

LAYER Architecture lead the Living Building Challenge Demonstration Project hosted by Green Building United from 2018 through 2019.  Working with Community Ventures, the design envisioned viable affordable infill housing in West Philadelphia that met the stringent imperatives of the Living Building Challenge. 




LAYER Architecture worked with over 178 of volunteers from all design and construction disciplines to teach, develop, and discuss the Living Building Challenge. Collectively we spent over 3,600 hours pursuing the Living Building Challenge in Philadelphia. Together this collective continues to advocate for deep green sustainable practices in our region.